Would you like to experience the cultivation of medicinal herbs first hand, be active in ecological house building or in the realisation of regenerative energy projects? Campo del Colibri Farm offers all this and much more. 

Campo del Colibri Campo del Colibri is a farm that grows medicinal herbs, distils essences, carries out reforestation and is a place of education. It is located in the southeast of Uruguay in a very sparsely populated area of the department of LaValleja. Apart from extensive cattle breeding, nothing else is done agriculturally in this region. Yet, with a little innovative spirit, the area offers a lot of possibilities. 

The owner and farm operator approached the design and construction of the farm with a lot of verve and pioneering spirit. His goal was to create a high degree of self-sufficiency. Which he has succeeded in doing. 

This is constantly being expanded and new areas are being created. Whether in ecological house construction, alternative / regenerative energy, cultivation methods and cultivated plants, the farm is unparalleled in all of Uruguay. 

We are therefore looking for skilled workers to implement our projects. And at the same time we offer the possibility for all those who want to make a new experience and want to educate themselves in these areas to expand their knowledge, both practically and theoretically. We also receive many requests from people who want to take a sabbatical year and work on our farm. 

Due to the many enquiries we therefore offer the following activity / stay possibilities: 

  1. skilled worker with experience, work contract project related.
  2. for all who want to gain practical as well as theoretical experience. A paid farmstay with an employment contract..
  3. sabbatical stay for people who want to get out of their daily routine and work Nature growing medicinal herbs .

Maybe you just need some time out? Your job is mostly monotonous and you long for a change? 

At the moment we are building houses in wood and Superadobe technology. As well as several renewable energy projects, biogas from locally grown plants without taking up land, and vertical wind turbines. Expansion of the aquaponics facilities. For these projects we are looking for skilled and unskilled workers. The construction management is done by our partner engineering office in Switzerland Ratioars GmbH. We are expanding our cultivation area by 50 % in the next two years. About 250 hectares. For this we are looking for motivated people who want to work in the cultivation of medicinal herbs and essential herbs.


Feel free to contact us and request detailed information. 

Contacts: Ratioars GmbH, Ilgenstrasse 3, 9042 Schweiz, Tel.: +41 71 8911875, Email: info@ratioars.com



Ratioars GmbH has been developing technologies for photobioreactors for more than ten years. These are systems in which microalgae are cultivated. Microalgae are very small.


In 1995, the two scientists Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch studied an effect in the Ciba Geigy laboratories that would revolutionise our understanding of genetic engineering.